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Video: Does Your Small Business Need A Website?

When it comes to websites, small businesses often do not have the resources or budget to make use of a professional developer. This often prompts small business owners to ask "Do I Really Need A Website?" or to simply make use of a cheap alternative, which cheapens their brand and hurts their business. In this

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What To Consider When Buying A New Computer

We’ve all had the pleasure (or displeasure) of buying a new computer. We often make the mistake of thinking that within 15 minutes we’ll choose, pay for and set-up our new computer.

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Steps to Prevent and Deal with Hacked Facebook Accounts

We all have very elaborate Facebook profiles. Some have their bosses as friends while others have their closest friends. Either way nobody wants to have someone else take control of their Facebook accounts as it can often lead to embarrassment and in some cases even pain.

Child-Proofing your Internet Connection

There are a lot of bad things on the internet and just as many ways to protect your family from unwanted online content; but why pay thousands of Rands every year for something you can do for no cost at all?

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