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Ensuring Your Child’s Online Safety

Cybersecurity has become more than just a scary theory and we’re protecting ourselves, but are we doing enough to protect our children?

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An Introduction to HTML5

If you’re a business owner or a webmaster, you probably already know the importance of Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for short). Search Engines take a variety of elements into account when determining your websites scores. These elements include, for example, the keywords on your website and the amount of links to your websites from other (legitimate) sources. Another, more important element to consider is the version of HTML used in a website.

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Steps to Prevent and Deal with Hacked Facebook Accounts

We all have very elaborate Facebook profiles. Some have their bosses as friends while others have their closest friends. Either way nobody wants to have someone else take control of their Facebook accounts as it can often lead to embarrassment and in some cases even pain.

The Shocking Way Facebook Uses Your Phone Number

We all have our cellphone number connected to our Facebook or we have some form of the Facebook Apps on our phone. But do we really know what Facebook uses it for? I bet you don’t!

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Child-Proofing your Internet Connection

There are a lot of bad things on the internet and just as many ways to protect your family from unwanted online content; but why pay thousands of Rands every year for something you can do for no cost at all?

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