Having a website developed or maintained by us? Please take note of the following terms and conditions which are automatically accepted by you every time you accept a quotation from us:

1. Ownership

You declare that you have ownership over the site being updated and/or you are duly authorized to have the site created or maintained. You also own any logos or proprietary material you request to be used on the site, have explicit permission to use them, or found them in the public domain. You also have ownership over the domain that the site resides on or will reside on or you have permission from the owner to have the site created or maintained on the domain.

2. Legal Indemnity

The site will be created or maintained at your own risk and you will take full responsibility for this site and any damages or losses it may cause. You agree that there is no legal reason for you not to create this site or get this site maintained. Furthermore you agree that the site will not be used for any illegal purposes or will take full responsibility should it be used for such purposes. You also agree that ITFirst will not be held responsible for any losses or damages caused by the site and that you will absorb any such losses or damages in your own capacity.

3. Non-Affiliation

By having this site created or maintained you agree that ITFirst will be delivering the service to you in an independent, professional capacity. You further agree that ITFirst will not receive any benefits from the day-to-day operations of the site and is in no other way related or affiliated with your company.

4. Payment Terms

Once you have accepted a quote from us, ITFirst will issue you with a invoice which is payable before or once the work is completed. You also agree to pay ITFirst 10% interest on outstanding amounts for every 30 days that payment for these services are overdue. Once your account is 90 days overdue, ITFirst reserves the right to make use of a debt collector to recover the amount outstanding and any interest outstanding on the account. Should this action be taken, you also agree to pay any and all fees required by the debt collection agency to recover these amounts from you.

5. Breach of these terms and conditions

Should you breach these terms and conditions, you agree to take responsibility for any and all damages caused to ITFirst, yourself or any third parties (to the maximum extent allowed by law). You also agree to pay any legal fees or other amounts needed by ITFirst to ensure that you are held responsible for these damages.

6. Address and Contact Details

By accepting these terms and conditions you agree to furnish us with the following personal or business address and contact details:

  • A physical address where you or your business (as registered with CIPC South Africa) operates from
  • A postal address where accounts and legal notices can be sent to

You also agree to notify us immediately should these details change at any time.


Last Updated: 4 January 2018