Ballito- Our amazing little piece of heaven. Not only is the sea warm and the surf right, but for the biggest part of the year, it is also one of the quietest towns on the South African coastline. Not everything is always the same though and we constantly see change in our little town- But now there are a couple of apps that can help you predict it!


This year I have had first-hand experience in how sudden and unexpected changes in the weather can be in our area. We also know that most major weather services only list “Dolphin Coast” or “Ballito” and this can often be a problem as Ballito is so large. All is not lost though. AccuWeather, initially a website for weather forecasts, also has mobile apps for most mobile platforms. It is also much more location-specific, for example, it has Salt Rock and Shaka’s Rock listed as 2 different locations and often shows slight differences between the two. The best part- it’s free! It also has some other useful features like UV intensity predictions (for those sunny day trips to the beach) and a fishing conditions forecast.
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Whether you’re into professional surfing or just a casual swim on the beach, knowing what tide is, is often important. Magicseaweed can help. The Magicseaweed app can give you the surf size, swell height, swell period, swell direction, wind strength, wind direction and water temperature. It will also give you access to tide details and sunrise/sunset information. Although the basic app is free, you can buy the “+” version of the app for only R35 and will give you a large amount of extra features.
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Loadshedding. No new topic, loadshedding is something we all hate (yes, hate). But no stress, there’s now an app to help you plan forward! News24 recently released its loadshedding-watch app, GridWatch. Listing Ballito, GridWatch’s features include multiple-location watching, The best part is that you don’t have to constantly check the app for changes, notifications of changes will be pushed directly to your device! Similar to the sePUSH app, GridWatch has the same great features, but sePUSH does not natively have Kwadukuza Municipality Loadshedding schedules.
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Gateway VIP

The Gateway Theatre of Shopping has become a second-home to residents of Ballito who is in-love with shopping. So why not get a bit back for every time you take a trip to it? The Gateway VIP program is a loyalty program you can use in many of the of Gateway’s shops. The Gateway VIP app allows you to register for the program and see special offers available to the loyalty members. The app and participation in the program is free and there are more benefits than can be listed. Whether you only visit the shopping center for your holiday shopping or you pop in every day, you’ve really got nothing to lose.
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I hope that these apps will help you as much as they’ve helped me. If you have any suggestions for more apps that belong on the list or you want updates when we add apps to the list, like our Facebook Page or tweet @itfirstza.